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Love it or Hate it, you just might have to… Set up a Christmas Tree.

Whatever the case, the process is pretty much the same. First you need a tree. Then you have to get it to actually stand up straight (note to amateurs… if your ceiling is only 8 feet tall, do not buy a 13 foot tree). When it comes time to set up your lights, don’t get frustrated! Just try to get the colors mixed right and the wires hidden, and leave it at that.
Christmas Depot has some great deals on lights if you are in the market.

Ornaments define the energy of a Christmas tree and many times, reflect the warmth and spirit of the people decorating it. Some of the best Christmas trees have a great mix of store-bought and homemade ornaments. For some great ideas on making your own ornaments, go to and check out some of their suggestions. For the other ornaments, check out (We really like their Wish Ornament and their Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Kit).

mini wish ornament set
baby's first christmas ornament kit

Lastly, don’t forget the gifts! If you are buying for her, we recommend these Cashmere Gloves. If you’re buying for him, check out these Ballpark Cufflinks.

women's cashmere gloves
ballpark cuff links

Some of our other favorite holiday shopping sites are SmartBargains,, and Amazon.

Check my special category for Christmas for other great stores and great deals.

Happy setting up and shopping to all..

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ODDecember 17th, 2008 at 10:57 pm

This is brilliant - that mini-wish ornament is pretty good idea. I set up my tree yesterday and had to cut off some of it b/c it was too big!

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